We couldn’t achieve this level of participation, support, and creativity without our Norwood Backstage Boosters who support publicly funded drama for the youth of Norwood.

And we are delighted to have the support of a new advocacy group, as well:
Norwood Fine Arts Collaborative Team, Inc. (NFACT) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is the advancement of fine arts education for youth in the Town of Norwood, Massachusetts.

We are honored to share a home in the Norwood Fine Arts Department, and by extension, we are grateful for the community and resources provided to our department by these wonderful advocacy organizations:

Friends of Visual Arts Norwood is a grassroots community organization committed to preserving and promoting the Visual Arts in the Norwood Public Schools.

Norwood Parents Music Association fosters, encourages, and supports the many aspects of music education in the Norwood Public School system.

Norwood Public Access Television (NPA-TV) is an independent, not-for-profit group serving the town of Norwood.

Norwood Public Schools Fine Arts Programs
Norwood Drama is a community of Norwood Public School students, volunteers, and theatre professionals who come together to develop new works as well as published/produced works and experiment with both innovative and traditional approaches to productions, all the while forging and gaining understanding of the collaborative process with each new project.

NHS-TV is a high school film and television program comprised of students grades 9-12. These students work with professional broadcast equipment and utilize a full capacity television facility funded by the Norwood Public Access TV group. NHS Update, a daily morning show highlighting the announcements and happenings at and around Norwood High School can be seen live at school via CCTV and in the community on the Norwood Public Access Cable TV channel.

Norwood Visual Arts: Norwood High School’s Art program embodies the components of high quality art education: production, art history, criticism and aesthetics.

Music: The philosophy of the Norwood High School Music Program is to make every student able to either play a musical instrument or sing in a chorus, if they so desire. The philosophy is that such activities help to build the character of all music students into hard workers, who are loyal to a group, and can work for a common goal. The philosophy of the Norwood Music Program is to make it possible for every student to make use of their musical talents and broaden their musical horizons.