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METG Festival Preliminaries to be held at NHS

2015 The Massachusetts High School Festival (Massachusetts Educational Drama Guild) includes 112 one-act plays produced by member high schools. Norwood High School will be one of several hosts for the first level of the competition — preliminaries. Student excellence in acting and technical design is recognized at each level, including the selection of an All-Star Company at the finals. Two schools chosen at the State Festival will represent Massachusetts in the New England Drama Festival, the regional showcase of secondary school theatre. DATES: Preliminary Round…

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Casting Notice: Stay Tuned [METG 2015 Festival]

 “Stay Tuned” An original play written by Jessica Gregorio for the METG Festival 2015. Rehearsal Schedule Ensemble Claudia Marchionda (Evelyn)  Danny Hernon (Caleb) Erin Fogarty (Margo) Ben Wong (Will) Erin Feeney (Andie) Taylor Murchie (Holly) Alexis Turchetta (Jonah) _____ Deirdre Sandstrum Nichole Ring Meghan Ring Imani Mitchell Isabella LeSavage Kathryn Klinz Ahmad Karanough Brendan Donoghue Brandon Cimeno

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Screenshot 2014-10-17 15.20.59

Jimmy Tingle’s “Humor for Humanity” Nov 22 at 7pm

Working with NFACT to raise money for Norwood Public School’s Fine Arts Department, Comedian Jimmy Tingle presents “Humor for Humanity” at 7pm on November 22, 2014 at Norwood High School’s Paul M. Alberta Performing Arts Center. “If Robert De Niro had decided to be a comedian, he might have come out something like Tingle, with his off-center smile, blue-collar physicality and exquisite sense of timing.” – Boston Globe From Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show to CNN, MSNBC and 60 Minutes II,…

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