Working with NFACT to raise money for Norwood Public School’s Fine Arts Department, Comedian Jimmy Tingle presents “Humor for Humanity” at 7pm on November 22, 2014 at Norwood High School’s Paul M. Alberta Performing Arts Center.

“If Robert De Niro had decided to be a comedian, he might have come out something like Tingle, with his off-center smile, blue-collar physicality and exquisite sense of timing.” – Boston Globe

From Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show to CNN, MSNBC and 60 Minutes II, comedian and commentator Jimmy Tingle’s satirical comedy falls somewhere between Jon Stewart and Jay Leno. His unique brand of topical yet timeless social and political humor is smart, insightful, and just plain hilarious. Targeting the NSA, The Tea Party, ISIL, Pope Francis, the US Government and Jimmy’s own wife, Jimmy Tingle will make you laugh and make you think. Clean, intelligent humor for all audiences, all political leanings.

“Mr. Tingle brings so much energy and personal warmth to this nonstop performance that one comes away from it strangely uplifted. He reveals often mortifying absurdities in virtually everything that comes to his attention… Yet he is so cheerfully intelligent that he makes his audience optimistic in the face of appalling reality.” – New York Times

Buy tickets directly from a Norwood Public School student to support NPS Fine Arts! Cost: $10 for students and $25 for adults in advance, $15 for students and $30 for adults at the door. Jimmy Tingle also offers tickets online (although NFACT pays a fee per online ticket).

“More than comic wit…so cheerfully intelligent he makes his audience optimistic in the face of reality. One comes away uplifted.” –The New York Times

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