Norwood Stage Arts Fall 2015 Play Selection and Auditions

Play Selection:

The Drama Club will convene next Monday, June 8th at 2:30 in the Drama room to discuss Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Game’s Afoot as our potential play candidates for the fall non-musical play production.

Possible topics for discussion, bring your own ideas as well:

  • Does the play in discussion inspire you? If so, how?
  • What’s the artistic value of doing the play, what would you expect to take away?
  • How will we inspire our audiences?
  • How will we draw an audience to this play?
  • How will we address gender of characters vs. gender of actors?
  • Consider the play in terms of relevance, sexism, racism, any potential cultural insensitivity in terms of content or delivery.
  • What design opportunities are there – sets, lights, and costumes?
  • What can we bring to the play as artists?

 Audition Information   Get excited. Be brave.

Auditions: Thursday June 11 2:30-5pm

Callbacks: Friday June 12 3:30-5pm

Auditions are open to all Norwood High School rising 9-12 students (currently 8-11th grades )

Students will perform short scenes from the selected play for their audition.

If interested in working on your audition in advance, schedule an individual workshop with John Quinn to take place during your study halls, drama class time, or open after school and early evening slots I’ll make available. I will put sign-ups for workshops on my classroom door.

 In drama, you are always welcome!

You are welcome to attend auditions whether you attended the play readings or not. (If you have a legitimate scheduling conflict, let me know).