Time is out of joint

Our Hamlet is set in some re-imagined late 1700s–early 1800s Danish court, although both time and place are unpinned from historical accuracy. The artistic focus is to create a place and time far from our own in which costuming establishes the majesty of Court, while allowing the actors free movement.

Unlike many contemporary productions, in our play, swords don’t become guns, and yet our soldiers carry muskets. Our Ghost dresses as a Medieval soldier to ensure some recognition that he appears from another time and dimension.

Though this be Madness, yet there is Method in it…

Although formally titled The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, we did not focus solely on Hamlet’s flaws. Our play searches for the humor embedded throughout the play, which is often lost in film adaptations. Claudius knows to a certain extent what Hamlet is up to and Hamlet knows what Claudius is up to.  Revenge and madness triumph.

Cast and Crew

Hamlet:                   Leo Blais                                    Leo Blais

Claudius:                 Chris Little                                Matthew Foley

Gertrude:               Christina Grillo                        Mia Ferreira

Ghost:                      Austin Mathieson                  Frank Schuth

Horatio:                  Alexis Turchetta                    Alexis Turchetta

Polonius:                Robert Way  (1/17, 1/18), Alexander Hartgrove (1/19, 1/20)

Laertes:                   Caitlyn Lee                               Caitlyn Lee

Ophelia:                  Claudia Marchionda            Madison Tribuna

Rosencrantz:        Stephanie Cutler                   Stephanie Cutler

Guildenstern:       Danny Hernon                        Danny Hernon

Osric:                        Ben Kerns                                 Kathryn Klinz

Marcellus:              Ben Wong                                 Nick Gassoway

Bernardo:              Imani Mitchell                         Nichole Ring

Francisco:               Erin Feeney                              Erin Feeney

Gravedigger:        Austin Mathieson                  Austin Mathieson

Clowns:                   Dina Delic, Sam Smith          Luis  Cheuh, Deirdre Sandstrum

Ambassador:        Erin Feeney                              Erin Feeney

Fortinbras:            Tom Little                                 Tom Little

Player King:          Anthony Zona                         Anthony Zona

Player Queen:      Erin Feeney                              Erin Feeney

Players:                   Ben Wong, Nick Gassoway, Dina Delic


Directors:                              John Quinn and Mia Ferreira

Stage Manager:                   Brigid Sandstrum

Fight Choreography:        Ian Cardoni

Sound Board Operator:  Riley Degre, Zachary Sitar

Lighting Design:                   Rob Strano

Costume Design:                  Brigid Sandstrum, Alexis Turchetta, Tess Gautreaux

Set Design:                               James Bowers