Stephen Schwartz, the award-winning composer of “Wicked” and “Godspell,” with the legendary Bob Fosse, created one of Broadway’s most unique and memorable works in “Pippin“. Norwood High School Drama presents Schwartz’s pop-infused time capsule of a musical comedy—Pippin—exploring the role of an idealistic kid, who happens to be the son of a world ruler, in an era of social turmoil.

Friday, Sept 14th at 7pm
Saturday, Sept 15th at 7pm
Sunday, Sept 16th at 2pm
Friday, Sept 21st at 7pm
Saturday, Sept 22nd at 7pm
Sunday, Sept 23rd at 2pm

Performances held at Norwood’s Savage Center. For ticket information, contact Jody Smith (Backstage Boosters) at 1.781.769.4224

Cast and Crew

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Nicole Adams: Fastrada

Nichole Adams is a sophomore at Norwood High School. She has been acting since the sixth grade, taking part in plays like The Illusion, No Exit, Animal Farm and Evita. Her favorite roles so far have been the Valet from No Exit, the Old Green Grasshopper from James and the Giant Peach, and of course her current role in Pippin. In her free time, Nichole loves reading and hanging out with her friends. Nichole would like to thank all of her cast members and her directors/music advisors for being so supportive. She is happy to be a part of Pippin and can’t wait for all the other plays coming up.

Chris Boyajian: Charlemagne

I was introduced to acting in the fifth grade while working with Dean Calusdian. In 6th grade I got to play Gollum in The Hobbit, In 7th grade I started doing the High School summer musicals. I was Michael in Peter Pan — and got to fly! I was then in Les miserables, the Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, and Evita. Non-musical shows I’ve been in include Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, King Stage, Love Hurts, Animal Farm, Scrooge, and the Illusion. My favorite roles that I have played are Gollum in the Hobbit, Michael in Peter Pan, LeFou in Beauty and the Beast, and Matamore in the Illusion! I also love my role in Pippin. In my free time, I study karate and spend time with my friends.I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me. I would also like to thankMr. Quinn and Dean Calusdian for helping me fall in love with acting. I would like to thank the cast and crew of Pippin for a wonderful summer of rehearsals. I am proud to be a part of the drama program.

Dean Calusdian: Costume and prop design; scenic artistry

Ian Cardoni: Charlemagne

Lisa Cocchiara: Scenic Artistry, set construction

Catherine Connor-Moen: Music director

During her tenure as choral director for Norwood High School, Catherine Connor-Moen conducted the Concert Chorale, Women’s Concert Choir, Madrigal Choir and the A Cappella Jazz Choir. Her choirs have received numerous awards and gold medals, both at the state and national level, and have performed at a variety of venues, including Boston’s Symphony Hall, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC and Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida. In 2003, members of the Madrigal Choir and Concert Chorale traveled to Italy and performed in Rome and Florence. In 2004, Ms. Connor-Moen was named Director of Fine Arts for the Norwood Public Schools.
Pippin is Ms. Connor-Moen’s sixth musical with the NHS Drama department. She was also the musical director for the Norwood High School productions of Grease, The Sound of Music, Les Miserables, and Scrooge.

Jaclyn Cucinotta: Player

As an actress, Jacki has been in two other productions: as Hannah Harty and one of Jacob Marley’s phantoms in Scrooge and as a Capulet and a Servingswoman in Romeo and Juliet. As a person, her likes and hobbies include school, using the computer, and OF COURSE DRAMA!!!!! To Jacki, being an actress in the Norwood High Drama productions is probably the best experience of her entire life.

Marisa Farulla: Berthe

Marisa Farulla is a sophomore at Norwood High. She first realized that she wanted to be a singer/actress after the 5th grade performance of Oliver Twist. She first got involved with the high school musical The Wizard of Oz, and also was in Beauty and the Beast, and Evita. She has done about 10 years of dance, and has been involved in chorus for 5 years and is now in madrigals at the NHS. Marisa would like to thank her mom, dad, friends, and teachers for their encouragement, and knowledge along the way.

Brian Folan: Technical

Lauren Folan: Fastrada

Lauren Folan a.k.a Duchess of London, has been an active member of Norwood’s drama program for the last few years. Along with Pippin she has also recently appeared in Evita,Romeo & Juliet, No Exit, and the Illusion. Her favorite roles have been Inez, in No Exit, and her current role in Pippin simply because they are different and unique characters. She would like to graciously thank Mr. Quinn, Laura Henry, Mrs. Moen, Ms. Lariviere, and Dean Calusdian for all their hard work. Also her mother for her support and making her lovely dress, Ron Johnson, and her brother and personal soldier Ryan, Cate, and of course her cast. Go South Dakota! Ladiegy!

Gregory Gassoway: Player

Gregory is a first grader at Oldham Elementary School. He has enjoyed being a part of Pippin this summer. He likes all things Star Wars, and to play soccer and Halo, have sword fights, build with Legos, draw pictures and play with his siblings and friends. He would like to thank Mr. Quinn, Mr. Calusdian, and the entire cast and crew for their help and patience.

Teresa Gassoway: Player

Teresa is a freshman at Norwood High School. In addition to Pippin, she had appeared in The Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Evita, and Animal Farm as well as CMS productions including James and The Giant Peach, Once On This Island, Aladdin, and she was Jim in Treasure Island. She participates in Summer Stage programs throughout the year. In her free time she enjoys being with her friends, singing, and listening to music. She looks forward to future productions. Teresa would like to thank Mr. Quinn, Mrs. Moen, Dean Calusdian, Mr. Martin, Laura Henry, Laurie Moen, Tatyana Zhukov, the Orchestra, and the entire cast and crew for all their hard work this summer. And she also thanks her family for all their love and support.

Laura Henry: Choreographer

Molly Herzog: Lighting Board / Technician

Kathleen Keefe: Player

Ever since 5th grade Kathleen has enjoyed being part of musicals. Since then she has been in many productions. A couple of examples are the Wizard of Oz, Beauty and the Beast, Once on this Island, and Into the woods. Playing the violin and hanging out with her friends are other important aspects of her life. She is now going into her freshman year at Norwood high, and looks forward to many more productions to come.

Catherine Kelly: Player

Catherine Kelly, a sophomore, has been involved in the last two summer performances, Evita and Beauty and the Beast. She enjoys singing and acting, and is currently in Concert Chorale at NHS. Catherine has been involved with music ever since she was little and she keeps active by playing sports as well. Catherine would like to thank her family, friends, and the whole cast and crew for making this summer such a pleasurable experience.

Edward Lynch: Player

Cianne Maloney: Player, The Head

Kristen McCarthy: Player

Kristen is a freshman at Norwood High. Other productions she has been in include but are not limited to Wizard of Oz, The Phantom Tollbooth, Beauty and the Beast, James and the Giant Peach, Evita, and Treasure Island. Her favorite roles are Toto in Wizard of Oz, and Squire Trelawney in Treasure Island. In her free time she likes to hang out with her friends, read, and sing.

Katie McConnaughy: Player

A sophomore at Norwood High School, Katie has been part of the Norwood Fine Arts for many years. Although this is her first summer musical, she acted in Romeo and Juliet and did the lighting for Scrooge and Animal Farm. She began her acting at a summer drama camp, Summer Stage, and has been in the Norwood Music Programs since fifth grade, in choral groups and Marching Band, and has also danced for four years. She would like to thank Mr. Quinn, Ms. Lariviere, Mrs. Moen, Mr. Martin, Laura Henry, and Tatyana Zhukov for all their help and support.

Robert McDonough: Theo

I am in band at the Coakley Middle School. I have previously been in plays at a library. This year I played Jack in Into the Woods and I am now playing the part of Theo in Pippin. I find acting very fun and enjoyable. I would advise anyone who has not tried acting to give it a try, you may be very good at it.

Shannon McDonough: Catherine

I am in concert chorale this year. I was in a few community plays at a library during the past few summers. I was in Animal Farm, Scrooge and Romeo and Juliet this year. I was also in a choir when I was younger. I have always been interested in anything with music involved.

Kelly McGowan: Player

Hi I’m Kelly. I am an 8th grader at the Coakley Middle School. Working on this show has been a great experience. This being my first high school play, and being the youngest girl in the cast, I felt slightly intimidated at first. But everyone is just so nice and fun to hangout with that I felt welcome as soon as rehearsals began. I have been in other musicals at the Jr. High, I most recently played Cinderella’s Stepmother in “Into The Woods.” When I’m not performing my interests include singing, playing soccer, reading, swimming, competitive cheerleading, and listening to music. Still, performing is one of my most favorite things to do.

Josh Mergl: Lewis

Hey I’m Josh, I will be a senior at Norwood High School. I’m a native of San Diego, California and moved to Norwood in the summer of ’04. I play bass and have a passion for graphic design. I began my drama experience this past year, and was in the last winter musical, Scrooge, playing the parts of the Punch & Judy Man and Topper. I was a stage hand in the spring show, Romeo & Juliet, and participated in the One Acts and a couple of Improv Shows. I would like to thank Mr. Quinn, Laura Henry, Mrs. Moen, Ms.Lariviere, Mr. Martin, Tatyana Zhukov, my family & friends, and God for this great gift.

Laura Moen:

Katie O’Connor: Berthe

Katie is a sophomore at Norwood High School. She started acting 5 years ago at Summer Stage, a theatre program run by Dean Calusdian, and has been involved in Norwood fine arts ever since. She has been in other Norwood High School productions such as Evita, Animal Farm, and Romeo and Juliet. Katie would like to thank her parents, and of course, Mr. Quinn, Laura Henry, Mrs. Moen, Ms. Lariviere, Mr. Martin, and Tatyana Zhukov, for all of their help and support.

Berlyn Olibrice: Player

Brianna Palmateer: Player

John & Anna-Li Quinn: Co-Directors

Sarah Rabinovich: Player

Sarah, a sophomore, has been involved with theatre and dance for several years. She has previously been in Evita, Animal Farm, and Romeo and Juliet. She is involved in Summerstage with Dean Calusdian and the Norwood Fine Arts program. She would like to thank her parents, Mr. Quinn, Laura Henry, Mrs. Moen, Ms. Lariviere, Mr. Martin, and Tatyana Zhukov for all of their help and support.

Kayla Ring: Catherine

Kayla, a sophomore, has been in the past two summer productions of Evita and Beauty and The Beast. She has been acting since middle school and she also has been involved in both the swim and track team at the highschool for the past year. She would like to thank Mr. Quinn, Ms. Moen, Dean, Mr. Martin, and Ms. LaRiviere for the opportunity to have such a great summer.
She would also like to thank her friends , family, but most important the entire cast who made this show so great. She would like to say good luck to everyone!

Alyse Ristuccia: Player, Newscaster

Alyse is a senior at Norwood High School and has been involved in the drama department for the past year. In addition to Pippin she was part of the cast of Scrooge. Alyse is also very involved with the schools music program where she plays the bass for the Orchestra, Celtic Stings, Jazz Ensemble and is a member of the color guard for the schools Marching Band. Alyse would like to thank Mr. Quinn ,Ms. Moen and Laura Henry for giving her this opportunity as well as Ms. Lariviere, Mr. Martin and all of the cast and crrew for all their support and help. She would also like to extend a special thanks to her Mom. Dad, Paul and friends for all their constant love and encouragement.

Francis Sheehan: Leading Player

Julia Silve: Player

Julia, a sophomore at Norwood High, has been doing theater on and off for the past couple of years. She was involved in both Les Miserables and Beauty and The Beast. She has also done a few other plays that have not been connected with the Norwood High drama program, such as cats. She would like to thank the cast and the crew for making this such a memorable summer

Michael Slowey: Pippin

Michael has been involved with the drama program at Norwood High School for the last year. In addition to Pippin, he has played the roles of an Elf, Chestnut Seller, one of Marley’s Ghost’s in “Scrooge“, and Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet.” Michael is also in Madrigals choir and plays multiple instruments. Michael would like to thank Mr.Quinn, Maura Smith, Mrs. Moen, Ms. Lariviere, Mr. Martin, Laura Moen, and Laura Henry for all their help.

Mike Small: Technical Crew / Guitar Player

Jennifer Sobol: Player

I am a freshman here in Norwood. Pippin is the third summer play I have been in. I was in Beauty and the Beast as a chorus member, and was part of the Lollipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz. I was in the Honor Chorus when I was in Junior High for all three years, and I also play the violin. I performed in many of the Junior High school play performances.

Jeri Sykes: Lighting Design

Billy Veer: Baron, Player

Heather Woods: Player

I’m a Junior at Norwood High School. I have been in several plays, including Aladdin, Much Ado About Nothing, Dr. Faustus, Evita, Scrooge, the Illusion, and Romeo & Juliet. I made a lot of new friends while doing these plays. I want to thank Mr. Quinn for being my Director, and Mrs. Moen for music direction. I also want to thank Tatiana for playing the piano for us and Laura Henry for teaching us dance.

Tatyana Zhukov: Piano